Thursday, October 26, 2017


Halloween is quickly approaching. Are you planning a party for friends and family? Today we've got several spooky ideas for your holiday.

Every Halloween party needs spiders, bats, and skeletons. We placed clear mason jars upside down with small skeletons inside and stretched spider webbing over the outside. While affordable, the effect is spooktacular. We continued to stretch the webbing over the other pieces of decor, including picture frames, lanterns, and signs. 

Looking for creative ways to use pumpkins? Try using an extra large one as a drink cooler. We cut the top off the pumpkin and hallowed it out. While the pumpkin is ready to be used this way, we found a glass bowl that fit perfectly and wedged it in. Fill the bowl with ice and your favorite drinks for an exciting display. 

For an adult dinner party, we loved the idea of all black dinnerware. The signage and spooky pictures added a fun element. We've collected various chalkboards, picture frames, and centerpieces in neutral colors over the years. Each piece can be decorated for different holidays and events for more affordable pieces and less storage. 

Come back tomorrow for even more Halloween party ideas. We'll be sharing DIY decor and party favors for the kids! 

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