Wednesday, May 3, 2017


If you visit Creations Galore and see a bearded guy sleeping in a chair, stealing a soda from behind the counter, or teasing a customer in the crop room, please don't be alarmed. That's just Nicole's husband, Zack.

Between random store maintenance, he usually hangs out around Nicole's desk making messes. We'll keep him though. And if you ask nicely, he'll gladly help you load or unload your car of craft supplies.

Our shop may not seem too little when you walk through the front doors. Seeing 10,000 square feet of memory keeping, card making, and DIY products is breathtaking and maybe even overwhelming. But don't confuse that for who makes up this operation. We're family, and we like it that way. We hope you'll stop in and get to know us. Because, friends, we plan to get to know you.

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