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Yesterday, we shared a list of prompts for documenting your holiday traditions. You can catch up on that post by clicking here. While we encourage you to save memorabilia, make lists, and take pictures of all your December moments, it can be overwhelming knowing what to do with them. 

A few years ago, I came across Ali Edward's blog and her project, December Daily. If you're unfamiliar with it, you must check it out. She has a class and coordinating kit that you can participate in; however, I chose to create my own with Christmas collections from our shop. This specific project, or scrapbook movement, starts on December 1st, and participants complete their albums during the month as each day comes and goes. I'm here to tell you that it's never too late to get those pictures off your phone and document them. 

If that last statement applies to you, and you're ready to document your holiday traditions in a mini album, Creations Galore has a gift for you: 25% off albums and page protectors through the end of the month. Just mention DEC25 or print off the coupon here.

I instantly fell in love with the 6x8 album size and pocket page protectors. It's a perfect mix between photo albums and traditional scrapbooks. Today, I'm sharing just a few pages and ideas from that first 2013 album for creating your own album of December fun. 
Write a list of your favorite Christmas songs, movies, or sayings to include in your album. In the picture above, I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut a favorite quote from a piece of patterned paper. I used the negative piece instead of the letters and punched two holes to create an insert.

Include a favorite holiday recipe. Each year, I enjoy taking part in a Christmas cookie exchange. In this album, I took pictures of the process and included the recipe. My heart fills with joy at the thought of someone coming across this years down the road. 
Want to emphasize something important to you? Your christmas tree, the front of your house, or the joy on your child's face. Enlarge the print and include it in a 6x8 full page protector or on its own as an insert. To memorialize my love for fresh, white, sparkly snow, I printed a 5x7 photo, adhered patterned paper to the backside, and added it to the album. 

Adding brochures, tickets, cards, and pamphlets from concerts, plays, and other holiday events adds to the texture and fun of an album. Toward the end of the month, my album was getting too thick to hold too much more. Therefore, I took a picture of myself holding the tickets as I waited to enter the performance. This ensures the ink on the tickets won't fade, and I don't add any bulk to the project. 

Are you documenting your December? If not, we sure hope you'll consider it. I love looking back on past years and remembering the magic of that year's holiday. It's so fun to see what changed, what hasn't, and what pieces became yearly traditions. 

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  1. Hi Nicole
    Several of the Friendly Crafters group in Sturgeon Bay do December Dailys every year. What fun! We share them with the rest of the group in January. Some of us also do October Dailys, just because we love Fall and October so much.