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Today, I'm so excited to share just a few photos of our wedding reception that took place exactly one year ago. This year has gone by so fast, and I thank you all for your kind words and interest in the planning process as well as the big day. We'll be sharing more personal photos of the wedding on the Creations Galore Facebook page later today. 

For now, I wanted to share a few of the DIYs we completed for the tables in hopes you'll find inspiration for your own dinner table this Christmas. 

Zack and I were the crazy people that added one more holiday party to everyone's busy season by getting married just six days before Christmas. We opted to invite just our family and a few close friends, keeping the guest list to under 100 people.  We envisioned one long table of our favorite people and placed ourselves and our wedding party in the middle of them all, eating and drinking among them instead of having a head table. It was the perfect intimate wedding that we wanted.

Why the date? Simply put, we love winter. We love snow. We love rustic Christmas decor, the warmth of the fireplace, and creamy hot chocolate. If you're a fan of the same colors and textures, I have a list of resources and projects you can create for your own winter wedding or holiday dinner party. 

The stone dance hall located in Pamperin Park was the perfect setting for our event. Black, white, and gold were our main colors with accents of red and green and wood, chalkboard, and kraft paper textures. Zack, along with my dad and brother, cut pieces of wood for aisle decor, cake stands, and plate chargers. Fun fact, they did this all while we (and maybe you) were shopping at Creations Galore's semi-annual Your Craft Rummage Sale

Gold spray paint was my best friend during this adventure, and I highly recommend it for you too. It instantly and effortlessly made our chalkboards, vases, and paper trees match the color scheme. I wrote messages on various chalkboards with a chalk marker by Marvy. It glides on with no mess and only washes off with water. This allows you to write on signs before the actual event, stack if needed, and it will stay put even with curious, small hands near by. 

Kraft paper was placed down the center as a table runner. Various sizes and colors of painter's paper drop cloths can be found at hardware stores. We found our roll at our local Menards for under $5, and we have yards and yards left over. Along with the paper, we added long strands of evergreen, pinecones, cinnamon stick pieces, and lots of candlelight. 

Each table had four tealights in Glimma and Galej glass holders from IKEA, two votive candles in gold spray painted pint jars, and two floating candles in quart mason jars with water and real cranberries. This candlelight allowed us to dim the overhead lights and added to the elegance of the evening.  

In tomorrow's blog post, I will be sharing how to create the table numbers, quote frames, and glitter name cards. Stay tuned! All of these items created a gorgeous holiday setting, but the table still needed some height. That's where the gold trees came into play. I had so much fun making these. That's right, they're another DIY. A simple cone was created with white poster board. Next, I cut leaves from white cardstock with the Silhouette Cameo using this cut file. Each leaf was curled up and adhered to the cone with a single dot of hot glue. The cut file was cut several times in three sizes, with the largest size at the bottom of the cone and the smallest at the top. Once completed, a coat of (you guessed it) gold spray paint was added.

I love these shots of our guests enjoying the celebration. We kept a large amount of the place settings and decor to reuse in the future. Who doesn't want to attend an elegant yet rustic dinner party? There's something so cozy about these holiday colors and textures. 

Thanks for following along with this longwinded post and sharing in the joy of our wedding day. I hope you found some inspiration for your next holiday affair. Visit our shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin to see the gold trees in person and get help shopping for supplies to create your own. 

BLOG AUTHOR Nicole Bergeson
PHOTOS BY The Family Films

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